In this page, you can find all the information concerning the program of the L3-EOLES training.

Bachelor program

L3-EOLES gives 60 ECTS credits to the graduated students (30 by semester). These credits are divided in 13 “teaching units” (TU) listed below. It is important to note that updates in electronics & optics are proposed at the beginning of the university year (click on the  picture to enlarge).

Training language

L3-EOLES training is taught in English*. 100% of the pedagogical resources given to the students are written in English.

* : some online synchronous meetings between teachers and students can be made in French.

Bachelor agenda

As an example, find below the week-by-week program of the 2019-2020 university year of the L3-EOLES training.

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Exams are made all along the year. Indeed, students have to submit individual or group work for each TU at the end of each week. These works can be for instance tutorials or practical work reports.

At the end of each semester, final exams of each TU are made during one exam week (see the calendar above). Important : The students can make these exams at the university of Limoges or in a university where they are registered or in an exam center certified by the university of Limoges (as a French high school or a consulate for instance).

An other exam week is planned for the second session at the beginning of july in the same conditions as the final exams of a semester.

Organisation of the week

During the first semester, each TU has a duration corresponding to the number of ECTS credits concerned by the TU (for instance, 1 TU of 3 ECTS runs on 3 weeks)

Each week runs from the monday to the sunday.

Personal work asked by the teachers have to be submitted online the last day of the week, i.e. on sunday.

Synchronous meetings (virtual lectures) can be held from mondays to fridays.

The fact that one particular week contains one French, Moroccan or Tunisian public holiday does not change the organisation of the week. In particular, personal work still have to be submitted on sunday.

International partnership

L3-EOLES is a degree set up along with an international partnerships with universities from Maghreb build under the TEMPUS EOLES project.

3 possible scenarios are possible depending on where you live:

    • Students residing outside the Maghreb area must register only at the University of Limoges
    • Students residing in Tunisia must register in Limoges and in the university of Kairouan.
    • Students residing in Morocco must register in Limoges and in a Moroccan university belonging to the TEMPUS EOLES project.
      • University Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech
      • University Abdelmalek Essaädi of Tetouan

It is important to note that the students involved in the double degree process (students living in Tunisia and Morocco) have to pay the registration fees in both universities. These students will receive at the end of the universitary year two degrees (one for each university where the student is registered) or zero degree in case of exam failure.

    • University of Limoges (France) awards the “Licence de Physique (Physics Bachelor) – parcours EOLES”.
    • University of Kairouan (Tunisia) awards the “licence appliquée d’électronique et optique pour les systèmes embarqués” Bachelor degree.
    • University Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech (Morocco) awards the “diplôme de licence professionnelle d’Electronique et optique pour les systèmes embarqués” Bachelor degree.
    • University Abdelmalek Essaädi of Tetouan (Morocco) awards the “diplôme de Licence Professionnelle Electronics and Optics for Embedded Systems (LP EOES)” Bachelor degree.