This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the L3-EOLES training.

Is it necesary to come to Limoges during the training?

No. L3-EOLES is a 100% online training. As a consequence, no travel to Limoges is required to predict and therefore no visa application for non-European students. The only exception concerns the exams at the end of each semester. The students can make these exams at the university of Limoges or in a university where they are registered or in an exam center certified by the university of Limoges (as a French high school or a consulate for instance).

I don’t live in France. How can I pay the fees of the Limoges University ?

These fees can only be paid by Bank transfer. If your application is accepted, you will receive by e-mail a letter facilitating the bank process.

Where do I have to live if I want to apply ?

Any region of the world provided I have a good Internet connexion.

After L3-EOLES, is it possible for me to do a Master?

If you are a L3-EOLES graduated students, you will have a L3 degree (corresponding to 180 ECTS credits) from the University of Limoges  and, optionally a second degree if you are enrolled in a double degree process. So you can apply to any type of Master in the fields of Electronics and / or Optics.

After L3-EOLES, it is possible for me to do a Master at the Limoges University ?

Limoges University offers 2 Master suitable for further studies for L3-EOLES graduated students:

  • ARTICC Master (“blended-learning” : online with 2 face-to-face weeks in Limoges each year)
  • iXeo Master (face-to-face). More information here.

For students not living in France : it is essential to apply via the Campus France website. So you have to create an account and pay your registration (which gives you the right to apply to the various Masters of interest). You will also have to pass a test certifying your level of French (eg TCF French knowledge test). You also have to attend an interview in a Campus France agency in your country of residence.

Please find the identification code of these Masters on the Campus France website:

I stopped my studies for over 2 years. Is it possible for me to apply?

Yes. But you can not be registered in initial education. As a consequence, you have to paid training fees in addition to registration fees.