Contact teachers

You can contact these teachers involved in the training and belonging to different universities (after substituting [at] by @):

In Europe

  • at the university of Limoges (France) : Guillaume Andrieu (guillaume.andrieu[at]
  • at the Porto ISEP (Portugal) : Manuel Gericota (mgg[at]
  • at the KU-Leuven university (Belgium) : Jeroen Boydens (jeroen.boydens[at]

In Morocco

  • at the Cadi Ayyad university of Marrakech : Mohamed Ankrim (raoufi[at]
  • at the university Abdelmalek Essaadi : Noura Aknin (aknin[at]

In Tunisia

  • at the university of Kairouan : Mohamed Ali Ayachi(ayachi.dali[at]

In Algeria

  • at the university of Mostaganem : Abdelhalim Benachenhou (benachenhou_a[at]